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Current listing of Casting calls *to be announced

Like any normal area, nothing interesting ever happens where Violet, Faith, and Noah live. Like very story, something finally does. Violet and Noah find a box in the clearing they used to go to as kids, and when they bring Faith with them, they all discover a strange book, many different colored vials, and 3 rings. Excited at first, Violet believes this is what she’s been waiting for, something different, unique, for her to do, while Faith is the opposite, dreading waht comes next, and Noah’s ju..

All filming would take place in or around Cumming, GA.
Seeking submissions from: Atlanta, GA

The Fallen Sacrifice
A story about a girl who lost her eyesight in an accident which puts her relationship at stake

Production day: October 14-16 Location: TBA, Austin, Texas
Seeking submissions from: Austin, TX

North Carolina Theatre 2017 Season, Dancers
Casting dancers for North Carolina Theatre’s 2017 season. Season includes “Jesus Christ Superstar” (Tim Rice, lyrics; Andrew Lloyd Webber, music; Eric Woodall, dir.; Edward G. Robinson, music dir. Rehearsals begin Mar. 27; runs Apr. 11-16); Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” (Alan Menken, music; Howard Ashman & Tim Rice, lyrics; Linda Wolverton, book; Robert Jess Roth, original dir.; Disney Theatrical Productions, original prod.; Sam Scalamoni, dir.; Edward G. Robinson, music dir; Michael Whitney, … more

Season rehearses and performs in Raleigh, NC.
Auditions: Oct 13, 2016, Oct 13, 2016 in New York City, NY

Indie Beach Film
Casting a low budget film following various characters who go to relax at the beach for a day.

Shoots Oct. 1-10 in Miami Beach, FL.
Seeking submissions from: Nationwide/Worldwide

Tech Company, Poster Installers
Seeking people to post brand posters on and around a specific location to help promote a well-known tech company. Installer must log where posters are placed and take pics of placements as proof of performance.

Posters must be posted any day between Sept. 23-26.
Locations include Stanford, CA; Seattle, WA; Corvallis, OR; and Knoxville, TN.
Seeking submissions from: Stanford, CA, Seattle, WA, Corvallis, OR, Knoxville, TN



Hospital Staff, Patients & Visitors Mon 10/3 & Tues 10/4 in SF Chance Theatrical 104/8 Union/Non-Union 09/28/2016

Male or Female / All Ethnicities, AfricanAm, Am-Indian, Asian, Caucasian, East-Ind, Hispanic, MidEastern, Mixed, PacificIsland / 18 – 50 /

This is our last episode of CHANCE! If you haven’t had a “Chance” to work yet please submit! NOTE your Avail 10/3, 10/4 or Both if avail for either day (Monday & Tuesday). If selected you will only work 1 of these two days at a Hospital in SF. Seeking background to portray ICU & General Hospital Doctors, Nurses, Orderlies, Patients & Visitors. Note medical work experience/training if any too. MUST be free ALL DAY from 6AM to late evening hours for at least 1 of the 2 days. Exact Start time unknown until night before. Non Union Extras get a minimum payment of $104 for 8hrs or less, overtime at time and one half if applicable, (based on SF min wage $13.00/hr). SAG-AFTRA members get scale $162 for 8hr plus overtime if applicable. Must have valid ID for I-9. U.S. Citizens can use current U.S.

Gay Male Couple all ethncicities Untitled 80’s Pilot Theatrical $162/8 SAG-AFTRA 09/28/2016

Male / All Ethnicities, AfricanAm, Am-Indian, Asian, Caucasian, East-Ind, Hispanic, MidEastern, Mixed, PacificIsland / 18 – 55 /

SAG ($162/8) OR NON ($104/8)avail to work Tuesday 10/4. Gay male couple.

Hispanic Talent to 18-100 Avail Friday 9/30 Untitled 80’s Pilot Theatrical $162/8 Union/Non-Union 09/28/2016

Male or Female / Hispanic / 18 – 100 /

SAG ($162/8) OR NON ($104/8)avail to work Friday 9/30. Hispanic males and females 18-100.

Martial Arts/Military, Bad Ass Type Men Thurs 9/29 SF Chance Theatrical 162/8 Union/Non-Union 09/28/2016

Male / Caucasian / 20 – 45 /

Seeking a few new tough looking guys for a small indoor scene with speaking actors Thurs 9/29 in SF. May be recognizable. Emphasis on military looking types with short military hair styles, shaved heads or buzz cuts etc. Scene description – one of the lead actors is part of a Men’s commune, a tribe of martial arts practitioners (Sayoc Kali) & Military Veterans. Extras will portray part of the tribe as actors have their dialogue. We need tough looking dudes avail ALL DAY Thurs 9/29 from 6AM to later evening hours for up to a 12 hr shoot. Open to SAG & Non Union, SAG members will be considered 1st. SAG Background Rate applies, $162 for 8 hrs plus overtime. *Director wants to do photo approvals, so we need a NEW non smiling photo. HOW TO SUBMIT if on sfcasting, email chancebbcextras@gmail.c

Extra/Background talent StudySync  Internet $50/day – paid day of Non-Union 09/28/2016

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 13 – 16 /

You will be moving in the background of a Middle School classroom set. Quietly flipping through books. Using your hand-held device.You will be taking turns on set. Either sitting down or walking in the background. The extra will be on set most of the day but will certainly have time to have lunch and breaks in between. The location is our own studio that is up in Penngrove. There is a front room for parents and the set, wardrobe area, props are all in the main studio. You will be on set for about 6-8hrs depending on the day.

Party Goer Light it Up Viral $25 Non-Union 09/28/2016

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 21 – 35 /

Background talent for a party scene. You will be having fun at a summer party dancing and drinking from a glowing cup. Ideally you are in shape and are comfortable having fun on command 🙂 No lines, just dancing, talking, drinking. Shoot will be this Sunday 9th Oct in San Jose

Head on a Platter Mayhem Mansion SF 2016 Live Event $100 Non-Union 09/28/2016

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 – 55 /

Disembodied head on a platter, in middle of a large dining room table. The role requires sitting under a table for several hours. Extreme facial and vocal expression a plus.

Skelebones Mayhem Mansion SF 2016 Live Event $100 per night Non-Union 09/28/2016

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 – 55 /

classic “witch doctor” character; very scary, undead, very frightening and powerful; must deliver bone-chilling performance.

Bathroom Spectre Mayhem Mansion SF 2016 Live Event $100 per night Non-Union 09/28/2016

Female / All Ethnicities / 18 – 35 /

spectre or ghost of dead female, occasionally moves through the room.

Sick Mother Mayhem Mansion SF 2016 Live Event $100 per night Non-Union 09/28/2016

Female / All Ethnicities / 30 – 55 /

woman suffering from long illness, deranged and mentally unstable.

Gertha Mayhem Mansion SF 2016 Live Event $100 per night Non-Union 09/28/2016

Female / All Ethnicities / 18 – 30 /

emotionally disturbed young woman, very confrontational and threatening.

Brown/Black haired Latino/Asian/Indian 18-35 Slim to average Lady Bird Filmed in Sacramento Oct 4-8 Feature Film 189.00 SAG-AFTRA 09/27/2016

Male / East Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Ethnically Ambiguous, Native American / 18 – 35 /

Latino/Asian/American/Indian/East Indian 18-35 Slim to average with long hair at least to shoulders. Needs to have should length hair and slim to average body 5’4 to 5’11. Works Oct 4-8

REAL Paramedics/EMTs ONLY – Monday 10/10 Chance Theatrical 172/8 Union/Non-Union 09/27/2016

Male or Female / All Ethnicities, AfricanAm, Am-Indian, Asian, Caucasian, East-Ind, Hispanic, MidEastern, Mixed, PacificIsland / 25 – 45 /

Seeking ONLY Men & Women with Real-Life Paramedic/EMT Work Experience or Training for Authenticity purposes, please note experience within submission. Seeking Average Heights & Sizes to fit costumes that must be pre-ordered. *This role is NOT for people who have played a medic on TV.* Must be avail all day Monday 10/10, from 6AM to late evening hours for an approx 8 up to 12 hr shoot in between filming in San Francisco. Parking is provided, as well as a meal after 6-7 hours and free snacks and beverages when not on set. Union/Non Union ok. SAG-AFTRA Special Ability rate applies, $172 for 8 hours plus overtime at time and one half thereafter. Must have valid government approved ID for I-9 or you cannot work! U.S. Citizens can use a current U.S. Passport alone or must have 2 things, a valid

Insight Sharer Distilling wisdom about sexuality Documentary $80 for 30-minute interview Non-Union 09/27/2016

Female / All Ethnicities / 65 – 99 /

*PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND ONLY SUBMIT IF YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THE CONTENT* Talking head and head/shoulders interview – sharing insights you wish your younger self knew about sex and pleasure. Earnest, comfortable, non-preachy. Women, over 65, sharing the insights they wish they could tell their younger selves about sexual pleasure. Format is talking head and head/shoulders interview. The goal is to destigmatize sexuality and people of age and to give women access to these lessons and wisdom that goes unspoken because of a needless taboo. The final result will aesthetically resemble this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sycgL3Qg_Ak

Sacramento SAG Locals with cars 1990-2004 Lady Bird Filmed in Sacramento Oct 4-8 Feature Film $162.00/8 plus car bump $35.00 SAG-AFTRA 09/27/2016

Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18 – 30 /

Sacramento Locals with cars. Must be PAID SAG not eligible. Please do not submit unless you are paid and have a SAG number for me when I call. Looking for 18-30 year olds all shapes and sizes for a fun day at the mall and store shopping! Works possibly 1-2 days recall. Handful of BG Cast for this one. Work with some big producers and Oscar Winner! Wahoo

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